Team Background

Ben Wansbrough-Jones

Managing Director
The company was formed by Ben Wansbrough-Jones and he served in the UK Special Forces for eight years. Previously working as a Technical Director for an IT company in London, Ben has years of experience delivering results and managing high performing teams for blue chip companies.

Moving into consultancy for companies such as BskyB and managing projects that’s delivered savings of £10million Ben wanted to combine both his military and business experience to give a consultative approach to corporate team building.

Nicole Green

Director, Marketing & Communications
Nicole has been involved with BLACKDOWN UK from the beginning, and with a professional background in marketing all of her military knowledge and skillset has been developed ‘on the job’.

With twelve years experience working with some of the largest utility companies, British Gas, Eon, NPower, Severn Trent Water, and with a background in sales, her key competences are strategy, creative thinking and client retention. It’s also critical Nicole can translate the military strategy into business scenarios.

Former Special Forces and Marine Personnel

We have former Special Forces solider’s and Marines who work in our Operations, planning, training and specialist departments. Each team member brings extensive experience in either jungle warfare, sniper training and signals to mention a few. Every soldier former or otherwise has completed tours worldwide and has all the experience needed to give our clients the most rewarding, realistic and compelling training and experience.

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